Basic Auto Insurance in New Jersey

In New Jersey, every car owner is mandated to have auto insurance. It is necessary to protect your assets and investments and mostly yourself from financial loss in the event of injury. The choice of automobile insurance relies on your needs. There are many ways to shop basic auto insurance New Jersey. Try starting an online search at for auto insurance in New Jersey. When searching, remember your needs. How much are you able to spend on basic auto insurance in New Jersey? What extent of coverage do you need? And does your health insurance include coverage for vehicular accident injuries? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you get your vehicle insured.



The basic policy offers you just that, basic coverage. It’s not an ideal insurance package and naturally it doesn’t cover the needs of most people. However, it is enough to satisfy the requirements mandated by law on basic auto insurance in New Jersey. Basic insurance is better than no insurance at all because you but yourself and others at greater risk if you continue to drive uninsured. Opting for the basic policy is beneficial for people who make little income because it costs considerably less than standard policies. It’s also a good choice for car owners with little to no familial responsibility because they need only to insure themselves from injury.



State-required coverage is the minimum requirement insurance companies need to provide car owners to be considered legal. Basic auto insurance in New Jersey coverage includes:

  • Property Damage Liability: insures people who make claims against you for causing damage to their property with you vehicle; grants them a minimum of $5,000 worth for damages per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection: Coverage for sustained vehicular injuries by you or other persons included in your policy; minimum of $15,000 per person and per accident
  • Coverage for critical injuries you’ve sustained in a car crash worth $250,000 in damages

Since the basic policy is very restrictive in its coverage, you may opt to include additional insurance at a certain costs. For example, the Bodily Injury Liability is available as an add-on to basic policy. BID ensures a minimum of $15,000 injuries be awarded to person whom has sustained injury through a vehicular accident you have caused. You can also avail of additional coverage in the event of collision with another vehicle or comprehensive insurance that covers damages to your vehicle not related to accidents such as theft, flooding or other damages caused by natural calamities, vandalism or damage sustained from colliding with an animal.